High Council of Justice 2.0: reboot (analysis of competitive selection for vacant positions and evaluation of the current members)
Читати українською.

This report analyzes the HCJ reboot process:

● formation of the Ethics Council,
● operations of the Ethics Council in assessing compliance with the criteria of professional ethics and
integrity of HCJ current members and candidates,
● conducting competitions for these positions.

Over the course of approximately a year and a half of operation, the Ethics Council succeeded in analyzing, conducting interviews, and rendering decisions on more than one hundred people. All this occurred against the backdrop of a full-scale Russian invasion of the territory of Ukraine, which introduced its own modifications.

Based on its favorable assessments, it became feasible to fill 13 vacant positions of the HCJ members, thereby reinstating the operations of this institution. For the first time, a representative from the public was selected for the HCJ — this would not have been possible without an open competition and the involvement of international experts in the Ethics Council.

Despite these positive achievements, during the research, we identified shortcomings and problems that occurred at each stage of the competition and evaluation, which we described in detail at the end of each section of this report. These shortcomings can be overcome by following the following recommendations.

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