Judicial Reform Newsletter — November-December 2018
  • On November 15, experts of the RPR member organizations met to review the Rule of Law section of the Roadmap of Reforms for the next 5 years. The first and the main goal of the judicial reform is to change the composition of the judiciary bodies to ensure effective cleansing and renewal of the judiciary. Five more goals were also presented and discussed.

  • On November 21, the High Qualification Commission of Judges of Ukraine (the HQCJ) announced the results of the consideration of documents of public associations (NGOs) for the establishment of the Public Integrity Council (the PIC). Out of the 14 NGOs that had filed the documents, as few as two have been qualified by the HQCJ.

  • In November, DEJURE Foundation experts revealed an alarming trend: many judges-candidates to the HAC have been subjected to different forms of pressure from the High Council of Justice (the HCJ).

More about these and other main events of the last month and announcements for the month coming — in December issue of Judicial Reform Newsletter.
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