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internship, knowledge sharing, science
We are never short of important work and interesting tasks, so we offer an internship to young professionals seeking real work experience in the field of judicial reform. Apply if interested!
We love networking and knowledge sharing. We also want to educate as many people as possible on how Ukrainian justice system works now, how it should work in 5 years, and what any citizen of Ukraine can do to fuel the reform. Invite us to talk about it!
We do lots of research in our field, initiate and take part in big analytical projects, develop visions, strategies and policies that become a basis for legislation, government standards, and best non-governmental practices. If you're interested in our published works, or you have an idea of a new product we could provide, please contact us and join our research!
zmist&forma T-shirts
'Justice should not only be done, but should manifestly and undoubtedly be seen to be done,'

— these words were said 100 years ago by Gordon Hewart, the Lord Chief Justice of England, and proved to be one of the best justice practices since then. This one is among the most used principles in the practice of European Court of Human Rights nowadays.

T-shirts imbued with the Lord Hewart's wisdom are the result of a collaboration of DEJURE Foundation and Zmist&Forma project.

We present them as a sign of gratitude to people who contribute a lot to building justice in Ukraine.

Zmist&Forma sells these t-shirts and donates 10% from sales to DEJURE Foundation.