The DEJURE Foundation is launching a call for tender to conduct research on the effectiveness of application of the community services for juveniles

General Information
The DEJURE Foundation is a think&act tank, created by experts and lawyers in 2016 with the goal of promoting the rule of law and reforms in the sphere of justice in Ukraine. One of the focus areas of the DEJURE Foundation is providing a child-friendly justice system.

Research background
We have recently conducted analytical research regarding the national legislation and case law on penalties to juveniles "It's simpler that way" How is punishment for juveniles determined in Ukraine?” (summary in English), in which we have revealed the problems of application of the community services for juveniles as a penalty, in particular:
  1. lack of infrastructure;
  2. a limited number of types of community services that could be applied to juveniles;
  3. existing types of community services are not adapted to the peculiarities and needs of juveniles.

Research questions
The purpose of the tender is to involve expert(s) to research international experience and best practices in the application of community services to juveniles. The selected contractor(s) is/are expected to answer the following issues in the research:
  1. whether community services are effective for juveniles as a penalty, in particular as a measure of re-education;
  2. what types of community services are the most effective and how they are arranged;
  3. how to adapt community services to the peculiarities and needs of juveniles.
The selected contractors should work with the DEJURE Foundation experts.

Expected result
As a result, we expect to receive an analytical report that will provide comprehensive answers to the research questions mentioned above.
We plan to use the results of this research as a basis to develop the legislation and public policy changes in the field of juvenile delinquency.

Eligibility criteria
Basic requirements:
  1. experience in conducting analytical researches;
  2. university degree in law, social work, sociology or psychology;
  3. proficiency in English (B2 level and above).

Final payment will be made on completion of the research in cost of the think tank development initiative in Ukraine, implemented by the International Renaissance Foundation in partnership with the Open Society Initiative for Europe (OSIFE) with the financial support of the Swedish Embassy in Ukraine.

Contract duration
Until October 31, 2021. 

Submitting process
Please send the following documents for participation in the tender:
  1. CV;
  2. price offer;
  3. a brief description of the relevant experience;
  4. 2-3 publications on similar topics (if available).
All necessary documents should be submitted by email to with the following reference in the subject line: “Community services for juveniles research”.
We reserve the right to hold interviews with eligible applicants.

The deadline for the submissions is August 25, 2021 at 9 AM.

Selection criteria
We will evaluate the submitted proposals according to the following criteria:
  1. relevance of research experience on similar topics;
  2. price offer;
  3. the possibility to conduct the research in terms stated above;
  4. previous work experience in institutions or projects related to the sentencing and/or serving of penalties for juveniles, and/or social work with juveniles would be an advantage.