The HCJ formed a commission for the selection of disciplinary inspectors

Читати українською.

Today, the High Council of Justice has established a commission tasked with selecting the Head of the Service of Disciplinary Inspectors (SDI), along with their deputy and disciplinary inspectors. The competition is set to commence shortly, and we extend an invitation to all qualified professionals to submit their applications.

The crucial responsibility of this commission is to play a pivotal role in the judicial cleansing process, particularly in the consideration of over 12,000 complaints against judges. The SDI serves as the primary point of contact for these disciplinary complaints. Disciplinary inspectors, appointed through this competition, will be responsible for scrutinising complaints, gathering information, and presenting draft decisions to the High Council of Justice regarding the presence or absence of violations. Presently, the HCJ members conduct preliminary considerations of complaints until the SDI is fully constituted.

The composition of the selection commission includes representatives of the HCJ and international experts:

  • Olena Kovbiy, Yuliya Bokova, and Olga Popikova, members of the High Council of Justice.
  • John Ehrlick, a retired judge and adjunct professor at Seattle University School of Law.
  • Pavol Žilinčík, a judicial reform expert and former member of the Judicial Council of the Slovak Republic.
  • Reda Molienė, the former Director of the National Courts Administration of Lithuania.

DEJURE Foundation has consistently advocated for an open and transparent competition for the SDI, involving international experts. Consequently, the commencement of this competition is welcomed, and DEJURE will actively monitor its progression.