Parliamentary Legal Committee recommended to include the draft law #3711 into the Parliamentary agenda

Today, the Legal Committee of the Parliament recommended to include the Presidential draft law on the judiciary to the Parliamentary agenda. 

As a reminder, on 22 June, President Zelensky introduced the draft law #3711 in the Parliament. The draft law contradicts political promises of Zelensky and violates the agreements with the IMF. Civil society organizations called on the Parliament not to support the draft law. 

A representative of the American Chamber of Commerce, who was present at the hearings reminded MPs about the importance of observing the conditions of the agreement with IMF. He underlined that the HQCJ must preserve its independence from the HCJ and the HCJ should be cleansed from untrustworthy members. 

However, the draft law was fully supported by the members of the HCJ. During the Committee hearings, Deputy Head of the HCJ Oleksiy Malovatsky stated that he does not see “any unconstitutional provisions in the draft law”. It is not surprising as the draft law enhance the authority of the HCJ, which is responsible for the complete failure of judicial reform. Furthermore, the draft law does not provide mechanisms of cleansing the HCJ from untrustworthy members.  

Members of the Committee by 15 votes adopted a decision to include the draft law into the Parliamentary despite the fact that it leaves more questions than answers and does not meet the conditions, laid out in the Memorandum with the IMF. 

The session of the Committee where the draft law will be prepared for the first reading will take place on 15 July. We will participate in the scheduled session and inform you about further developments.