Judicial reform is the #1 request from businesses to the government

Читати українською.

The European Business Association conducted the study "Business Forecasts 2023", in which 104 top managers of companies participated. Among the various issues, the managers identified 3 main tasks for the government for the following year.

The need to carry out judicial reform and establish the rule of law is the top priority. The second is the fight against corruption, and the third is ensuring macroeconomic stability.

Such results prove that the need for judicial reform is seen not just by the general public but by businesses, the survival of which in the conditions of war is fundamental for our future. Only effective justice will enable the economy to move forward. Only in the presence of the rule of law will investors invest money and not be afraid of losing it. So stay tuned, and let's move to the future together!

More information about the research results can be found here.