The High Council of Justice will broadcast interviews with candidates for the HQCJ

Читати українською.

At the meeting on April 13, the members of the HCJ reviewed the methodology of the selection of candidates for the HQCJ in terms of online broadcasts. The HCJ supported broadcasts unanimously! We thank the HCJ for heeding the statements of the public and international partners. We are sure that this decision will contribute to the formation of trust both in the HCJ and in the results of the selection for the HQCJ.

Earlier, on April 7, the High Council of Justice announced in an official release that interviews with candidates for the High Qualification Commission of Judges will not only take place without live broadcast but also "without the participation of representatives of the public and mass media". Instead, the law clearly establishes that interviews with candidates for the HQCJ are held openly (in accordance with Part 7 of Article 95 of the Law of Ukraine "On the Judiciary and the Status of Judges").

The complete closing of interviews violated the requirements of the law and undermined confidence in the results of the competition. The transparency of the selection of the new HQCJ is crucial, as this body will carry out the selection for several thousand vacancies of judges and complete the qualification assessment.