The HCJ elected Hryhoriy Usyk as its Head

Читати українською.


What do we know about the newly elected Head of the HCJ?
Hryhoriy Usyk is a judge of the Civil Court of Cassation within the Supreme Court. The public has unanswered questions about him, as well as about many other members of the HCJ. We do not know whether the new Head of the HCJ refuted doubts regarding his integrity during closed interviews with the Ethics Council.

There was a possibility of electing the Head from those who were in the old composition of the High Council of Justice. We are glad this did not happen because the previous composition of the HCJ discredited itself.

The reformed High Council of Justice became operational on January 13, 2023. The next indicator of the quality of the new HCJ will be the election of the Deputy Head. According to the requirements of the law, the Deputy cannot be a judge (Hryhoriy Usyk is a judge). So this person will have to balance the judicial representation in the HCJ. We continue following the work of the new HCJ and its Head.