Thirty-two recommended candidates: Who will join the new High Qualification Commission of Judges?

Читати українською.

The Selection Commission announced a list of 32 recommended candidates for 16 vacant positions in the High Qualification Commission of Judges. Now the ball is in the court of the HCJ. We are glad to note that the absolute majority of worthy candidates are on the list. You can find the full list here.

The Commission did not apply quotas and recommended 10 judges and 22 candidates of other profiles, relying on the need to recommend the best, as the law requires. We are grateful to the Commission for this position.

There are recommended candidates with doubts about their integrity. Probably, these doubts were refuted during the Commission's correspondence with the candidates. We hope that the Selection Commission will publish the materials sent by the recommended candidates to ensure full transparency of the competition and refute any doubts of those who still have them.

Now the HCJ has to make the final choice. We have already emphasised that the formation of the new HQCJ is one of the main litmus tests for the new composition of the HCJ. We hope that the new HQCJ will start working soon and will form the corps of judges. Currently, there are all prerequisites for this.