On January 11, the Congress of Judges will be held, at which the new members of the HCJ will be elected. What do we know about the participants?

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On January 11, the long-awaited Congress of Judges will be held to elect eight new members of the High Council of Justice.

Unfortunately, there will be many "stars" among the judges entrusted with this crucial duty. First of all, there will be two judges of the liquidated DACK at the Congress because they still have the status of judges and were elected by delegates before the liquidation. These are Ruslan Arsiriy and Oleksandr Karmazin.

❗️ Ruslan Arsiriy is a judge who is responsible for rewriting the history of the Maidan, stopping the renaming of Shukhevych Avenue, reinstatement of policemen who failed the attestation, intervention in the Rosenblat case and much more. We wrote more about him in our article.

❗️ Oleksandr Karmazin is known for the illegal closing of the case in which Vovk’s brother Zontov was caught taking a bribe, the annulment of the conclusions of the Public Integrity Council. He also annulled the decision of the attestation commission, claiming that the Prosecutor General's Office "arbitrarily" included "foreign agents" in the attestation commissions, which is an encroachment on state sovereignty. Read more here.

❗️In addition to the judges of the DACK, there are also other judges of low integrity at the Congress who are not interested in the operational HCJ. Among them is, for example, Viktoria Koretska, who herself tried to become an HCJ member but received a negative opinion of the Ethics Council. Find more details about judge Koretska here.

It is clear that such judges do not need an operational HCJ because, for them, it poses a direct threat of disciplinary responsibility or dismissal.

We hope that other judges will not be influenced by these judges and will not sabotage the election of members of the HCJ. In the conditions of war in the country, we desperately need an operational High Council of Justice because, without it, the hands of the judiciary are practically tied.