The High Council of Justice can appoint the operational HQCJ

Читати українською.

"There are many possible options — both the appointment of eight candidates from among judges and the appointment of a smaller number. In any case, I did not say a single word that there could be an inoperative composition of the HQCJ", — said the head of the HCJ, Hryhoriy Usyk, at the press conference (timecode 37:07).

Earlier, there were opinions in the judicial community about the impossibility of forming the operational HQCJ (it must include at least six judges). We believe that the High Council of Justice will not succumb to manipulation and will make a balanced decision. The operational HQCJ is crucial for the completion of the qualification evaluation of judges, the selection of judges for several thousand vacancies in the judiciary, the continuation of judicial reform and European integration.

By the way, Hryhoriy Usyk also appreciated the work of the Selection Commission, saying that he supports the principle of positive selection: "I totally support... There is no negative connotation for candidates who have not passed a certain stage of selection. Therefore, I can only give positive feedback about this selection".

In addition, the head of the HCJ said that the interviews with the candidates for the HQCJ should be broadcast. However, there was an option to publish the recordings of the interviews after they were conducted. We emphasise that the online broadcast of the interviews is very important to ensure the transparency of the selection.