The Parliament adopted draft law No. 9322 in the first reading: will the reform of the CCU be failed?

Читати українською.

Today, draft law No. 9322, foreseeing changes to the procedure for the selection of judges of the Constitutional Court, underwent its first reading in Parliament. However, it still contains serious flaws. For further details regarding these flaws, please refer to the following link:

Will the reform of the CCU happen?

On June 10, the draft law was approved only in the first reading. Further steps include finalisation and subsequent second reading, during which it may be adopted as a basis and as a whole. We urge the MPs not to ignore the dubious provisions and finalise the draft law considering the reservations expressed by the public and the recommendations put forth by the Venice Commission.

The following amendments should be introduced before the second reading:

  • Eliminate the provision regarding rating voting on candidates. All applicants endorsed by the Advisory Group of Experts should have an equal opportunity for selection.
  • Provide for the impossibility of appealing the results of the competition only on formal grounds.