The G7 voiced its expectations regarding judicial reform: the operational HCJ is expected

Читати українською.

The G7 expects the Congress of Judges to appoint 8 new members of the High Council of Justice to make the body operational. Such a statement appeared on the official Twitter account of the international group.

This is an unequivocal signal from the Congress of Judges that the international community expects Ukraine to fulfil the goals of judicial reform. A scenario where the Congress of Judges elects a few new members and has to announce a new competition is unacceptable. Experts emphasise that it will lead to disruption of judicial reform and European integration.

The High Council of Justice is a key body of the judicial system. The appointment, dismissal, and disciplining of judges depend on it. The HCJ also gives permission to detain a judge. This plays an important role in the conditions of war when it is necessary to detain and prosecute collaborators.