EU spokesperson: amendments to the law on the reform of the CCU are necessary

Читати українською.

"The opinion of the Venice Commission, published on December 19, recommends that... (ii) the size of the Advisory Group of Experts (AGE) should be increased to seven, and the 7th member should be delegated under international quota. The European Commission expects Ukraine to harmonise the legislation accordingly. By implementing these changes, Ukraine will not only advance in the process of EU membership but will also strengthen the trust of Ukrainian citizens in the country's judicial system", said Peter Stano, EU foreign policy spokesperson.

The full text of the official release can be found here.

How many more official statements from our partners do the Ukrainian authorities need to agree to the fact that the law on the "reform" of the CCU needs changes?

Earlier, the Ukrainian Government invited international partners to nominate experts to participate in the selection of judges of the Constitutional Court. However, representatives of NGOs emphasised that the introduced selection procedure does not comply with the recommendations of the Venice Commission and the conclusion of the European Commission and carries serious threats of dependence and establishment of political control over the institution. NGOs called on international partners and, above all, the European Union not to support the fake reform and not to participate in its implementation until the law meets the recommendations of the Venice Commission.