Bohdan Lvov was expelled from the composition of the Supreme Court

Читати українською.

The President of the Supreme Court Vsevolod Knyazev expelled Bohdan Lvov from the composition of the Supreme Court. The day before, DEJURE Foundation appealed to Knyazev with a request to terminate employment relations with Mr Lvov, as well as to initiate a check of other judges of the Supreme Court for the presence of foreign citizenship.

Since the status of a judge is incompatible with foreign citizenship (which the President of the Supreme Court refers to in his order), Lvov also loses the status of a judge. But he can appeal this decision, so it is necessary to deprive him of Ukrainian citizenship.

For this purpose, a member of the Kyiv City Council and currently a military paramedic, Alina Mykhaylova, registered a petition to the President on the website of the President's Office with a demand to check the existence of grounds for depriving Lvov of Ukrainian citizenship. Today, the petition gathered the necessary number of signatures for consideration by the President - it was signed by more than 25,000 Ukrainians.

Earlier, the SBU officially confirmed Lvov's Russian citizenship. Despite this, the meeting of judges of the Commercial Court of Cassation lacked one vote to dismiss Bohdan Lvov from the position of its Head.