The Parliamentary Legal Committee approved the draft laws to liquidate the scandalous District Administrative Court of Kyiv

Читати українською

Today the Parliamentary Legal Committee supported the presidential draft laws on the liquidation of the scandalous District Administrative Court of Kyiv (DACK) №5369 and №5370 and submitted them to the Parliament.

The draft laws provide for the immediate liquidation of the scandalous court, the cessation of its administration of justice, and the establishment of the Kyiv City District Administrative Court, which will consider the cases that are currently under the jurisdiction of the DACK.

"We hope that the Parliament will support the President's initiative as soon as possible and deprive Pavlo Vovk and other judges of low integrity of their influence in the country.
Minor shortcomings of the draft law that can be corrected should not be grounds for postponing the decision to liquidate the DACK, ”

–Stepan Berko, Advocacy Manager of the DEJURE Foundation

Today, as many as four members of the High Council of Justice defended the preservation of Pavlo Vovk's influence on Ukraine, and the Committee barely gathered enough votes to submit the draft law to the Parliament. The decision was not supported by Batkivshchyna, Holos and the Opposition Platform “For Life”.

Expectedly, in Parliament there will be a lot of those who benefit from the activities of the incubator of judicial corruption.

The President initiated the procedure of liquidation of the court after consideration of the petition on liquidation of the DACK which gained 25 thousand votes.