G7 Ambassadors are frustrated with the judicial reform process and concerned over the draft law on the constitutional procedure without real competition

Читати українською.

On September 23, G7 Ambassadors expressed disappointment with the timetable of the Council of Judges’ competition to select candidates for the Ethics Council, which will cleanse the High Council of Justice, as the decision of the Council of Judges "does not reflect the importance and urgency of this reform."

The Ambassadors of the partner countries called on the Council of Judges to "ensure the rapid nomination of experts to the Ethics Council."

Separately, the G7 Ambassadors emphasized their concern regarding the draft law №4533, which provides for the “reform” of the Constitutional Court without proper competition with the participation of international experts.

"Constitutional Court reform should ensure the transparent, competitive selection of new CCU judges & the safeguard of a temporary increase in voting requirements, in line with Venice Commission recommendations", the Ambassadors said on Twitter.

Our international partners reminded that judicial reform is crucial for the success of all reforms in Ukraine and remains a top priority for the G7. It is judicial reform that will improve the investment climate and reaffirm Ukraine’s ability to meet its international obligations.

Despite the provisions of the law on the HCJ reform according to which the Council of Judges was given time till September 13 to delegate the candidates to Ethics Council, in the morning on September 21 the Council of Judges approved Regulation on the selection of candidates to the Ethics Council and set a month for the submission of documents by candidates - until October 21, 2021.

On September 9, the NGOs urged MPs not to vote for the draft law №4533 without introducing a real competitive procedure to the Constitutional Court.

The draft law on the constitutional procedure is on the agenda of the Parliament on September 24. If the MPs support the draft law №4355 without an amendment on the introduction of a competitive procedure for the selection of judges of the Constitutional Court with the involvement of international experts, they consciously preserve the Constitutional Court's dependence on the political situation, which will allow the Constitutional Court to continue adopting anti-Ukrainian decisions directed by the aggressor-state.