The Ethics Council will publish the interviews with current members and candidates for the HCJ

Читати українською.

The Ethics Council has announced its intention to publish the interviews conducted with members of the HCJ and candidates for positions. Over the course of a year and a half, approximately a hundred such interviews were conducted.

Despite requests from ten candidates and current HCJ members, including individuals like Tetyana Bondarenko, Vitaliy Salikhov, and Inna Plakhtiy, the Ethics Council has declined to keep their interviews private. The list of individuals whose interviews will be made publicly available soon also includes other well-known figures such as Bohdan Monich and Oksana Blazhivska, among others.

On the other hand, for the remaining eight individuals who requested confidentiality, the Ethics Council has acknowledged the validity of their arguments. Six of them will have their records released in full once the legal regime of martial law concludes.

For the comprehensive list, please refer to the decision linked here.

We have previously urged the Ethics Council to prioritise openness and transparency in interviews. Therefore, we commend their belated yet significant and necessary decision. We eagerly anticipate the release of the recordings in the near future.