Vovk against the Service of Disciplinary Inspectors: MP Slavytska tried to break the transparent competition by conflicting provisions in the new law

Читати українською.

Today, the Verkhovna Rada adopted the draft law on competition for the Service of Disciplinary Inspectors (No. 9483-2). It is on this draft law that the start of consideration of complaints against judges and their dismissals depends. Additionally, it introduces a competitive selection process for leadership positions within the Service, including the Head, Deputy Head, and Inspectors. The competition will be held by a commission with international experts. Initially, the plan was for this commission to operate for a duration of seven years, during which it would conduct two transparent and open selection processes, specifically for the Head of the Service of Disciplinary Inspectors.

However, during the consideration in Parliament, MP Antonina Slavytska (affiliated with the "Recovery of Ukraine" group and former OPZZH) and a friend of judge Vovk, decided to abolish the provision on the seven-year term of office of the commission for electing the head of the SDI, namely put a corresponding amendment (No. 56) for confirmation. It seems that judge Vovk does not really want the head of the service to be elected twice by a commission with international experts.

At the same time, within the same draft law, there is another provision regarding the commission's tenure for all competitions within the Service of Disciplinary Inspectors (Head, Deputy Head, and Inspectors). This provision mandates a seven-year term and has received recommendations from the Parliamentary Legal Committee and approval from the Parliament itself (amendment No. 362).

Therefore, the Parliament adopted the provision of the law that the commission with international experts should hold two competitions. Now, the MPs should make the so-called "technical and legal revision" and eliminate this inconsistency and bring it into line with the already approved seven-year tenure for the commission's existence.

Furthermore, it is worth noting that Antonina Slavytska is the individual referred to as "girl Antonina" in the well-known "Vovk's tapes." At the time of their recording, she served as Kivalov's assistant and was allegedly involved in the exchange of various "gifts." Additionally, Serhii Ostapets, a member of the previous HQCJ, had promised to compensate her for his appointment.