The draft law on the liquidation of the Council of Judges and the positions of heads of courts No. 8342 was registered in the Verkhovna Rada

Читати українською.

Today, the draft law amending the Law of Ukraine "On the Judiciary and the Status of Judges" and several other laws was registered in the Parliament.

What does the draft law provide for?
The document provides for the liquidation of the Council of Judges and the transfer of its powers to the High Council of Justice. Also, according to the draft law, administrative positions in courts are abolished, and their powers are transferred to the assembly of judges or the head of the court staff. The position of the President of the Supreme Court is preserved.

Why is this draft law necessary?
In fact, all key judicial system issues are currently being decided by the HCJ and HQCJ. The main thing that the Council of Judges does is convene and organise judges' congresses. In addition, the Venice Commission has repeatedly recommended Ukraine to simplify the system of judicial governance bodies.

Court heads also do not have any important powers. Most of the administrative duties can be performed by the Head of the court staff and the rest by the assembly of judges.

Both the heads of the courts and the Council of Judges have become effective tools for putting pressure on judges and maintaining mutual cover-up in the judiciary. It is through them that judges receive instructions on how and for whom to vote at congresses.

This Wednesday, January 11, the Congress of Judges will be held, at which eight new members of the HCJ should be elected. However, unfortunately, according to the sources of our partners from AntAC, some judges are going to fail the vote. The registration of this draft law should signal to the judicial mafia that their actions will have direct consequences for themselves. As for the decent judges, we hope they will not be influenced negatively and will not sabotage the election of the new members of the HCJ.