The Selection Commission, which will reboot the HQCJ, has started public meetings

Читати українською.

The Selection Commission for the selection of new members of the High Qualification Commission of Judges is gathering for the first official meeting. It will take place tomorrow, January 21, at 10:00.

At this meeting, the headship of the Selection Commission will be elected and the main documents for its work will be approved - RoPs, regulations on the competition, methodology for assessing the compliance of candidates with the criteria of integrity and professional competence.

After the meeting, at 11:30, the members of the Selection Commission will hold a press conference for journalists.

You can follow the activities of the Selection Commission on its Facebook page.

It will be recalled that the Selection Commission was formed in September 2021. The fact that the first official and public meeting of the Commission will be held in January 2022 does not mean that the members of the Commission haven’t worked - during this period, preparatory meetings were held to prepare well for the start of work.

The main task of the Commission is to form and reboot the High Qualification Commission of Judges, which is a kind of hr-department of the judicial system, that forms the judicial staff and assesses whether the current judges are suitable for the position.

The Selection Commission consists of six people - three international experts and three Ukrainian judges. Internationals have a casting vote in decision-making.

The Selection Commission will soon announce a competition and select 32 decent and competent candidates for the HQCJ. The winners of the selection must be submitted to the High Council of Justice, which will elect 16 members of the HQCJ from 32 candidates.

For maximum effect from the reform, it is important that the new HQCJ be appointed by a substantially reformed HCJ.