Verkhovna Rada has unblocked the signing of draft laws that launch judicial reform

Читати українською.

MPs failed to vote on resolutions blocking the entry into force of draft laws № 3711-д on the reboot of the High Qualifications Commission of Judges and № 5068 on the reform of the High Council of Justice.

Now the draft laws that will launch judicial reform are ready for signing by Speaker Razumkov and the President.

If the President manages to sign both draft laws by the end of July, the Ethics Council for the reform of the HCJ and the Selection Commission of the HQCJ will start working in September this year. Thus, within a year, the composition of the main judicial governance bodies can be radically renewed.

The experts of the DEJURE Foundation and Automaidan analyzed who is who in the High Council of Justice and what distinguishes 21 members of this body.

Earlier, the DEJURE Foundation, Antac and Automaidan published a list of the most notorious failures of the HCJ since its establishment: covering up judges of low integrity and judges of the Maidan, putting pressure on independent judges, and so on.