Roman Ihnatov became the Head of the HQCJ. Ruslan Sydorovych was elected as Deputy Head.

Читати українською.

Yesterday, the newly established High Qualification Commission of Judges (HQCJ) elected Roman Ihnatov, a Kyiv Court of Appeal judge, as its Head. This decision received the support of nine HQCJ members. Ruslan Sydorovych was also appointed as the Deputy Head of the HQCJ.

While it is encouraging that the long-awaited HQCJ has commenced its operations, there are concerns regarding the level of transparency with which the body initiated its work. The general public was not informed about the election of the Head and Deputy Head in advance, as neither the agenda nor any announcement regarding these appointments were made available on the HQCJ's official website. However, the HQCJ did ensure the live broadcast of the meeting. We hope that the HQCJ will conduct its future activities in a transparent manner.