The HQCJ and the PIC agreed on joint indicators of low integrity of judges

Читати українською.

The qualification assessment process is set to recommence on Monday, with the High Qualification Commission of Judges and Public Integrity Council aligning on a unified stance. Today, they finalized a comprehensive list comprising 18 indicators signalling a lack of integrity in a judge or a candidate for a judicial role. This list may see additional points incorporated based on insights gained during the assessment.

"What does this mean in practice? Between the public and state bodies responsible for the assessment of the integrity of judges, any differences are resolved in the understanding of whether it is possible, for example: to have a bunch of unexplained property; to grossly violate human rights; to systematically delay cases, including in such a way to exempt drunk drivers and other violators from responsibility; to make decisions under illegal influence; to arbitrarily prohibit peaceful assemblies", —

explains the Chair of the Board of DEJURE Foundation, Mykhailo Zhernakov.

Against the backdrop of the European Commission's recommendations prioritizing the completion of the qualification assessment, the joint decision by HQCJ and PIC sends a robust message about their commitment to addressing the demands of partners and society in cleansing the judicial system. This response aligns with a decade-long plea from Ukrainians for a more transparent and accountable judiciary, offering hope for realization.