The "Servants of the people" refused to reform the Constitutional Court

At a meeting of the parliamentary legal committee headed by Andriy Kostin on September 2, the MPs refused to support all amendments concerning the competitive selection of judges of the Constitutional Court.

Thus, the MPs reconsidered the amendments to the draft law № 4533 “On Constitutional Procedure”, which was prepared for consideration in the plenary hall in June. Yesterday, the committee decided to exclude the previously considered amendments regarding the competitive procedure for selecting candidates for the position of a Constitutional Court judge, leaving it as it is today.

"According to our information, the Council of Judges threatens not to nominate candidates to the Constitutional Court, who will be selected by the Selection Commission in the event of the competition. Thus, the MPs decided to follow the path of the old corrupt judicial elites, block the reform of the Constitutional Court for years and in no way resolve the issue of the constitutional crisis. We categorically oppose this and call on the Verkhovna Rada and the President of Ukraine to fulfil the promises made to the Ukrainian people and to completely cleanse the Constitutional Court through a transparent competitive procedure with the involvement of international experts.”

- says Mykhailo Zhernakov, Chair of the Board of the DEJURE Foundation.

The NGOs called on the President not to deepen the constitutional crisis and to contribute to the cleansing of the Constitutional Court. Therefore, it is essential to introduce competitive selection for the positions of judges of the Constitutional Court, which was supported by the committee in June this year.

In addition, at an official meeting, President Zelensky assured US President Biden that Ukraine is committed to continuing judicial reform in line with international practice.