Yevhen Ablov, judge of the DACK, will consider Bohdan Lvov's lawsuit against the Supreme Court

Читати українською.

The District Administrative Court of Kyiv will consider the lawsuit of Bohdan Lvov, the former head of the Commercial Court of Cassation within the Supreme Court, against the Supreme Court. The lawsuit concerns the expel of Lvov from the composition of the Supreme Court after confirmation of the fact of his Russian citizenship by the SBU. The case will be considered by judge Yevhen Ablov in simplified proceedings (case No. 640/18519/22).

Ablov is a scandalously famous figure on the "Vovk’s tapes". Together with other judges of the DACK, he is accused of usurping power (case No. 991/2030/22). The DACK will likely decide in favour of Lvov.

Earlier, DEJURE Foundation emphasised that it is extremely necessary to revoke Lvov's Ukrainian citizenship. That is why, exactly one week ago, on November 2, we asked the State Migration Service to prepare a submission on the cancellation of Bohdan Lvov's Ukrainian citizenship and send it to the Presidential Commission on Citizenship. We have not received an answer yet. We will keep you updated.

By the way, tomorrow at 10:00 a.m., the Kyiv Court of Appeal will hold another hearing regarding several episodes of the "Vovk’s tapes" and, in particular, Yevhen Ablov, Deputy Head of the DACK (case No. 757/27041/21-k). We already wrote about it here.

We invite all concerned citizens and media representatives to come to the hearing. Public observation is extremely important.