What’s next for Pavlo Vovk and other judges of the DACK?

Читати українською.

While Ukrainians are celebrating the liquidation of the country's most corrupt court, the question is, what next? After all, the liquidation of the DACK is only the first step. Here we answer the most common questions:

How will the "liquidation of the DACK" take place?
First, it is worth noting that draft law No. 5369 was finally adopted, and there will be no further readings, so we do not expect any delays. After the signature of the President, the law will enter into force.

Then it foresees the following:
  • from the date of entry into force, the District Administrative Court of Kyiv will cease the administration of justice;
  • its cases will be temporarily considered by the Kyiv District Administrative Court (regional); the DACK court will have 10 working days to transfer cases to the KDAC;
  • then the Kyiv City District Administrative Court (KCDAC) should be established;
  • from the day of the start of work of the KCDAC, all cases of the former DACK will be immediately transferred to it.

What will happen to Pavlo Vovk and other judges of the DACK?
Unfortunately, they still have the status of judges. Only the High Council of Justice can dismiss them, but it is currently not operational. The Congress of Judges will be held in mid-January, which will be able to appoint enough members of the HCJ to make the body operational.
However, we have already written about the possible scenarios of disruption of this process.
Now the judicial mafia will have even more motivation. So we should be vigilant.
Meanwhile, judges will continue to receive salaries, although they will not administer justice.
They also cannot hold a position in another court. They can be transferred to another court only by the operational HCJ based on the recommendations of the HQCJ. But it is also not functioning now - the competition is underway. That’s why it is so important to follow the reform of judicial governance bodies right now.

When will corrupt judges be punished?
Only the HCJ can bring a judge to disciplinary responsibility (or dismiss them). We are waiting for its formation.
Pavlo Vovk and Co are also convicted of building a criminal organisation. Case No. 991/2030/22 is currently being considered by the High Anti-Corruption Court. Completion of the trials against the judges of the DACK will bring their influence on the judicial system to an end.