President Zelensky signed the draft laws to reform the HCJ and reboot the HQCJ

Читати українською.

The President has launched a long-awaited judicial reform, which has been opposed by judicial circles of low integrity in recent weeks.

According to the DEJURE Foundation experts, in early October 2021, the Ethics Council for the reform of the HCJ and the Selection Commission for the reboot of the HQCJ will begin their work. The compositions of the HCJ and HQCJ can be reformed in a year.

"We sincerely welcome President Zelensky's decision to launch the real judicial reform that society has been waiting for, without exaggeration, for 30 years. We are aware that we will have to fight for every inch of reform. We and our partners from the public sector as well as our international partners are ready. We hope that the determination of the President and parliamentarians will be enough to push the matter through”

says Iryna Shyba, the Executive Director of the DEJURE Foundation.

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The analysts from the DEJURE Foundation and Automaidan have also analyzed who is who in the High Council of Justice and what distinguished 21 members of this body of judicial governance.

The DEJURE Foundation, Antac and Automaidan published a list of the most notorious failures of the HCJ since its inception: covering up judges of low integrity and Maidan judges, putting pressure on independent judges, and so on.