The Kyiv Court of Appeal cancelled the decision to close the proceedings regarding part of the "Vovk’s tapes"

Читати українською.

Today, the Kyiv Court of Appeal overturned the decision of the Pechersk District Court of Kyiv and refused the complaint of Ablov's defence attorney to close the criminal proceedings regarding part of the "Vovk’s tapes" (case No. 757/27041/21-k). The decision was made by a panel of judges consisting of Sitailo, Yakovleva and Ihnatov.

We hope that the defence will soon get acquainted with the materials of the criminal proceedings, then the prosecutor's office will be able to send the indictment to the court, and the case will begin to be considered.

In 2021, the judge of the Pechersk District Court, Serhiy Vovk, helped Pavlo Vovk and his accomplices "solve the problem". He issued a decision to close the proceedings based on the complaint of Ablov's lawyer Valeriy Paliy, alleging that the statute of limitations has expired. At the same time, the prosecutors were not informed about the corresponding hearing of the Pechersk Court, which considered the case without their presence.

You can read more about the hearings in case No.757/27041/21-к in our Telegram channel.