The judicial mafia opposes the liquidation of the DACK

Читати українською.

The DACK is in the process of liquidation, but its judges will not calm down. The judicial mafia seeks to restore the lost lever of power by any means possible.

According to the information that recently appeared on the portal of the Judiciary, Ruslan Arsiriy, a judge of the DACK, filed a lawsuit against the State Judicial Administration in the Kyiv District Administrative Court. One of his main demands is to cancel the order of the State Judicial Administration on the creation of the liquidation commission of the DACK.

Interestingly, the court will consider this case in a simplified procedure, that is, based on the available materials and without notifying the parties or conducting court sessions. So, unfortunately, we won't be able to hear Ruslan Arsiry's arguments in defence of the DACK.

Obviously, in this way, the DACK is trying to complicate and prolong its liquidation process. However, this is inevitable since the law came into force immediately after the President signed it.