The NSDC supports the second vetting of judges of the Supreme Court

Читати українською.

During today's meeting, the National Security and Defense Council (NSDC) supported the second vetting of judges of the Supreme Court.

Previously, representatives of the public and international partners, including the Venice Commission, emphasised the cleansing of the Supreme Court. Back in 2019, the Venice Commission had already articulated the possibility of subjecting Supreme Court judges to a secondary vetting, utilising the recommendations of the Public Integrity Council as criteria for identifying suitable judges

As a public, we welcome such a position, but we emphasise that such a procedure should take place as openly as possible and with the recommendations and participation of those whom society trusts the most, such as the Public Integrity Council, as suggested by the Venice Commission, or international experts. Otherwise, if the procedure is not transparent, it will become a lever of political influence, which will only deepen the crisis of the Supreme Court. In turn, this will create a threat not only to the rule of law in Ukraine but also to our European integration.