Ensuring the integrity of judges
We are working to renew the judiciary by dismissing dishonest and incompetent judges and filling the judiciary with completely new professionals. To ensure the quality of the cleansing and update of the judiciary, we advocate the involvement of the public and international experts in this task.

Instead of following corrupt vested interests, as it is today, judicial governance should ensure judicial staff characterized by professionalism and integrity and working for the benefit of human rights.
Key Materials

Child-friendly justice
We work to ensure that the Ukrainian judiciary is friendly to children who have had an encounter or a conflict with the law. It is about the coordinated work of judges, prosecutors, lawyers, investigators, the police, human rights and children's rights commissioners to ensure the best interests of minors. We are working to harmonize the Ukrainian legislation with the requirements of the Convention on the Rights of the Child and other international standards on children's rights.

We also support the application of restorative justice principles to juvenile cases.

Justice for business
We want to ensure unbiased and rapid resolution of commercial disputes by courts of arbitration. To this end, we are working on the development of arbitration courts, in particular on changes to the legislation that will improve their quality and stimulate their use for dispute resolution.

We are also working on introducing the procedure for resolving significant commercial disputes by mixed courts consisting of lay judges delegated by business organizations alongside a professional judge.

Openness and effectiveness of the judiciary
We strongly believe that transparent work of the judiciary is one of the key elements of its accountability. This is one of the reasons why we initiate strategic litigation on access to public information about the judiciary and monitor the publication of data sets by the judicial governance agencies in the open data format. Proper data collection is also a prerequisite for the development of IT tools for better and more profound analysis of the activities and development of the judiciary.

Legal education and access to the legal profession
We are certain that fair justice cannot be ensured without honest judges, defense attorneys and prosecutors, who in turn can only emerge following high-quality legal education. Despite the positive changes that have taken place in recent years, much remains to be done to ensure that legal education in Ukraine is in line with the best international practices and provides qualified staff—in particular, to the judiciary.

We work on improving the regulation of legal education and access to the legal profession, increasing the standards and quality of training received by future lawyers.