Interaction between the civil society and the public authorities in the process of selection and evaluation of the judiciary: search for the effective model
The policy-brief describes legal regulation of the Public Integrity Council's status, analyzes foreign experience of public participation in the selection of judges and looks for ways to address the issue by offering three models. According to the results of the analysis, proposals and recommendations for the full and effective interaction between the public and the authorities within the judiciary reform have been developed.

Policy brief was developed by:

Iryna Shyba — Executive Director at NGO DEJURE Foundation, Master in Law and Economics (LL.M.).

Borys Malyshev — Doctor of Law.


Olena Prokopenko — Head of International Relations at Reanimation Package of Reforms civil society coalition.

Volodymyr Sushchenko — Chair of the Board of NGO Expert Center for Human Rights, Expert of the Program Initiative «Human Rights and Justice» of the International Renaissance Foundation, Scientist and Honored Lawyer of Ukraine.
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