The HCJ will start considering complaints against judges, and the Service of Disciplinary Inspectors has a chance for a transparent competition

Читати українською.

On August 9, the Verkhovna Rada adopted two important draft laws that will finally foresee the start of consideration of disciplinary complaints against judges and the establishment of the body responsible for the dismissal of judges of low integrity:

  • Draft law No. 9261 has successfully passed the second reading, reinstating the authority of the HCJ to conduct disciplinary proceedings against judges once the Parliament approves the law pertaining to a transparent competition for the Service of Disciplinary Inspectors. We thank the MPs for this decision. The version adopted is the one strongly advocated for by the public.

  • Draft law No. 9483-2 was adopted in the first reading. The draft law provides for a transparent competition for the positions of disciplinary inspectors. It will be conducted by a commission with international experts. The draft law still needs to be finalised, in particular, in terms of the requirements for inspectors and the terms of disciplinary proceedings.

We expect that draft law No. 9483-2 will be finalised and adopted. Then the High Council of Justice will be able to impose fair disciplinary sanctions on judges who have committed misconduct but now often try to “escape” into honourable retirement. We will also monitor the implementation of the law and the selection for the SDI. It will depend on this body whether the HCJ will be able to dismiss collaborating judges, Vovk's associates and others.