Constitutional Court Judges Must Resign

Читати українською

We call for the immediate voluntary resignation of all judges of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine (CCU) who supported the dismantling of the anti-corruption reform in Ukraine.

They are: Oleksandr Mykolaiovych Tupytskyi, Viktor Valentynovych Horodovenko, Iryna Mykolaivna Zavhorodnia, Oleksandr Volodymyrovych Kasminin, Viktor Vasylovych Kryvenko, Oleksandr Mykolaiovych Lytvynov, Volodymyr Romanovych Moisyk, Serhii Volodymyrovych Sas, Ihor Dmytrovych Slidenko (filed a letter of resignation), Petro Todosiovych Filiuk, Halyna Valentynivna Yurovska.

Corruption is recognized as one of the threats to national security. Legislative norms which were declared unconstitutional by the decision of the CCU formed the basis of the anti-corruption system. We are outraged by this decision, as it significantly harms the country’s reputation and turns the vector of its development around. With their decision, the judges infringed on Ukraine’s strategic course towards the EU and NATO, which is set forth in the Constitution of Ukraine and which we achieved after the Revolution of Dignity.

Making this heinous decision, the CCU judges exceeded their powers and issued the decision in the situation of a conflict of interest. The consequences of this decision are irreversible, with over 100 cases considered by the High Anti-Corruption Court and investigated by the National Anti-Corruption Bureau closed. The perpetrators will not be punished. By violating its international commitments under agreements with the IMF, the EU and other international partners, Ukraine risks losing the external financial support that it desperately needs during the ongoing crisis.
In addition to the damage already caused by the judges, now, laws on the language, on the land reform, on the High Anti-Corruption Court and on the Deposit Guarantee Fund are similarly under threat. Petitions about them are already on the CCU agenda, and decisions may be issued very soon.

We are tired of dishonest judges and illegal decisions that are not based on the rule of law and justice. That is why we call on the judges of the Constitutional Court to resign voluntarily.

  1. Transparency International Ukraine
  2. Automaidan
  3. Anti-Corruption Headquarters
  4. Center for Public Monitoring and Research
  5. DEJURE Foundation 
  6. Anti-Corruption Research and Education Centre (ACREC)
  7. CSO Public Television of Svitlovodsk
  8. CSO Kremenchuk Anti-Corruption Center
  9. CHESNO movement
  10. CSO Kryvyi Rih Investigation Center
  11. CSO Center for Economic Strategy
  12. CSO Together Against Corruption
  13. CSO Agency for Urban Initiatives
  14. CSO Unity and Development 
  15. Agency for Legislative Initiatives
  16. Ukrainian School of Political Studies
  17. CSO Agency of Efficient Solutions
  18. Independent Defense Anti-Corruption Committee (NAKO)
  19. Institute of Analysis and Advocacy 
  20. CSO Association of Political Studies
  21. Exampei Center for Ukrainian Politics
  22. CSO Analytical Advocacy Center 
  23. Lviv Regulatory Hub
  24. Institute of Legislative Ideas
  25. 100% Life Kyiv region. 
  26. CSO Mykolaiv Center for Journalist Investigations
  27. CSO Ninth Pole
  28. CSO Women’s Anti-Corruption Movement
  29. CSO Center for Political Studies
  30. CSO Electronic Democracy
  31. Ukrainian Arbitration Association
  32. YouControl
  33. CSO Zaporizhzhia Investigation Center
  34. CSO Kharkiv Anti-Corruption Center 
  35. Anti-Corruption Action Center
  36. 100% Life Charity Fund
  37. CSO Center for Media Research Prozoro
  38. Public Control Platform
  39. August Virlich Foundation
  40. ZMINA Human Rights Center
  41. Center for Public Monitoring and Analysis
  42. Public Oversight Council under the National Anti-Corruption Bureau
  43. Public Council atthe National Agency on Corruption Prevention