The process of termination of the citizenship of Bohdan Lvov is not moving forward! The Commission on Citizenship drags its heels

Читати українською.

Almost 3 months have passed since the publication of the "Schemes" investigation and more than a month since the President assigned his Commission on Citizenship to prepare documents to terminate Bohdan Lvov's citizenship. However, the Commission is in no hurry to fulfil its role in this process: "The materials on the specified issue are being preliminarily processed". MP Yaroslav Yurchyshyn announced such an answer to his request in his Telegram channel.

The President’s Office, under which the Commission works, did not provide any information to our requests. For the reason that it could "lead to a violation of the rights and legitimate interests" of Lvov.

Earlier, in April 2021, when the SBU found Israeli citizenship in Odesa businessman Alperin, the entire process of terminating his Ukrainian citizenship took only 2 days. On April 13, the Commission under the President already considered the submission of the State Migration Service. On April 14, it submitted a draft decree to the President, and on the same day, the situation was resolved.

Why is the situation different this time? The answer is obvious. Bohdan Lvov is one of the leaders of the judicial mafia, and therefore his influence can be useful, especially ahead of the Congress of Judges, which is to appoint 8 members of the High Council of Justice.

By the way, the first hearing on Lvov’s lawsuit against the Supreme Court, from which Vsevolod Knyazev expelled him, is scheduled to take place on December 21 at 11:40 at the DACK. We invite the interested public and journalists to visit it!