The DACK was liquidated: what's next?

Читати українською.

It's official. The Parliament has finally adopted the "urgent" draft law № 5369 on the liquidation of the District Administrative Court of Kyiv.

We thank our partners and the entire civil society for their incredible work. Special thanks to Ukrainian journalists for the investigation, hour-long listening to "Vovk’s tapes", and hundreds of materials that did not allow society and the MPs to forget about the existence of the DACK while the draft law was gathering dust for a year and a half. We also thank the opinion leaders for their support and involvement in the crucial aspects of judicial reform. But most of all, we thank the tireless Ukrainians who read all this, shared it and signed the petitions. Today, without exaggeration, is a holiday!

But tomorrow, we should roll up our sleeves and get back to work. After all, the liquidation of the DACK is only the first step. Next, it is necessary:

  • To establish a new District Administrative Court of Kyiv. To conduct a transparent competition with the participation of the reformed HCJ, HQCJ, and the new Public Integrity Council. Otherwise, we will face the threat of the new DACK.
  • To dismiss Vovk, Ablov and their associates after qualification assessment, through disciplinary proceedings, etc.
  • To complete the trials of the accused judges in the High Anti-Corruption Court.

At all these stages, judges of the DACK will try to avoid responsibility. So we should not lose our vigilance.

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