Bohdan Lvov, the Head of the Commercial Court of Cassation within the Supreme Court, who was found to have Russian citizenship, was NOT dismissed

Читати українською.

At today's meeting, the judges of the Commercial Court of Cassation within the Supreme Court did not vote for the dismissal of Mr Lvov from the position of the Head of the court. The meeting lacked one vote for the dismissal. Therefore, it is quite suitable for the majority of judges that they are headed by a citizen of the Russian Federation.

Before the meeting, it became known that Bohdan Lvov was personally "convincing" the judges not to vote against him.

The Supreme Court received the results of the SBU inspection. Lvov's Russian citizenship has been officially confirmed. So, the decision rests with the head of the Supreme Court, Vsevolod Knyazev, who can announce that Bohdan Lvov is no longer a judge of the Supreme Court.

Also, a petition to the President appeared on the website of the President's Office with a demand to check the existence of grounds for depriving Lvov of Ukrainian citizenship.