The Supreme Court elected two judges of low integrity to the Grand Chamber: judge Stupak, who lied in her declaration, and judge Pohribnyi, who adopted politically motivated decisions

Читати українською.

Yesterday, December 11, the Civil Court of Cassation within the Supreme Court elected judges Olha Stupak and Serhiy Pohribnyi to the Grand Chamber for a term of three years.

Noteworthy, Olga Stupak is the judge who obviously lied about the funds for the purchase of a new BMW for UAH 1.4 million and a 380 square meter house near Kyiv. This was already uncovered by the Public Integrity Council during the competition for the Supreme Court. This was also uncovered by the NABU investigation, which did not come to the logical end only because the Constitutional Court canceled the article for lying in declarations. After all, this lie was recently recognized by the new High Qualification Commission of Judges. Stupak was saved from responsibility by the High Council of Justice and the Supreme Court itself, which refused to punish her. However, 7 judges of the Supreme Court still saw the obvious lie and expressed a separate opinion.
That is, the Public Integrity Council, the NABU, the new HQCJ and even 7 judges of the Supreme Court saw Stupak's lies and dubious assets, but 28 out of 33 judges of the Civil Court of Cassation still supported her candidacy to the Grand Chamber.

As for Serhiy Pohribnyi, the previous Public Integrity Council also issued an opinion that he was unfit for the position of Supreme Court judge. It was, in particular, due to his decision with signs of political influence on illegal construction on the Odesa coast and on the transfer of land to the Kyiv Zoo, which the judge allowed to be built on very quickly - in one hearing, 10 days after the lawsuit was accepted.

The judge also forbade filming at an open hearing (although the parties did not object), thereby violating the principle of openness and transparency. After all, Pohribnyi has a lot of confusion in property and connections with Serhiy Kivalov. For more details, see the opinion of the PIC.

This appointment process highlights how bad are things in the Supreme Court. The Grand Chamber, responsible for final decisions on the dismissal of judges with integrity issues, becomes crucial in the judicial reform. As the High Council of Justice and the High Qualification Commission of Judges decisions are subject to appeal, the Grand Chamber's role is pivotal. Moreover, it addresses cases related to qualification assessment and complaints against disciplinary actions.

"This illustrates the urgency and excessive need for reforming the Supreme Court. It is noteworthy that this is a priority for both the EU and the USA, with direct ties to supporting Ukraine. These compelling factors emphasize the importance of ensuring the reform is robust and impactful"

- says the Chair of the board of DEJURE Foundation Mykhailo Zhernakov.

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