Bohdan Lvov wants to be reinstated in his position with the help of the DACK

Читати українською.

Bohdan Lvov filed a lawsuit against his former employer, the Supreme Court, according to the "Dead Lawyers Society". In the lawsuit, Lvov asks to be reinstated as the judge of the Commercial Court of Cassation within the Supreme Court and to collect the amount of the average monthly salary for the period of forced unemployment in his favour.

The probability that the DACK will make a decision in favour of Lviv is very high. This court is known for its decisions in favour of the Russian Federation.

"The position that Lvov held is one of the three key positions in the country. Because of this, his influence on the judicial system was (and likely still is) colossal. In addition, there remains a huge toolkit of indirect corruptive influence"

- says Maryna Khromykh, Executive Director of DEJURE Foundation.

The results of the DACK decision in favour of Lvov will be catastrophic.

"This will cement the actual impossibility of dismissing a judge with a Russian passport from the system"

- says Mykhailo Zhernakov, the Chair of the Board of DEJURE Foundation.

Earlier, the journalists of the “Schemes” program found out that Bohdan Lvov has Russian citizenship and an undeclared apartment in Moscow. The head of the Supreme Court, Vsevolod Knyazev, after receiving the results of the SBU check, expelled him from the composition of the court. Also, Ukrainian military officer Alina Mykhaylova registered a petition to the President to check the grounds for terminating Bohdan Lvov's Ukrainian citizenship. The petition gathered the necessary 25,000 signatures in less than a week, but Volodymyr Zelensky has not yet considered or issued any public statement on this matter.

"This is a carte blanche from Zelensky for all Russians and their agents in the courts to continue their subversive activities"

- explains Mykhailo Zhernakov.

Only the termination of Lvov's Ukrainian citizenship can put an end to this story. After all, the termination of Ukrainian citizenship is an unconditional basis for the termination of a judge's powers.