Closed interviews and voting: the HCJ published the methodology for selecting members of the HQCJ

Читати українською.

Last week, the High Council of Justice approved the methodology for selecting members of the High Qualification Commission of Judges.

Earlier, we repeatedly emphasised that the selection for the HQCJ will be a key indicator of the quality of the new HCJ. The following is alarming in the published document:

  • There will be no live broadcast during interviews with candidates. The HCJ is going to publish the video recordings of the interviews after all the interviews with the candidates have been completed and before making its decision. The motivation of the HCJ for such a choice is unclear. At the previous stage, the Selection Commission conducted an online broadcast of the interviews, thus ensuring full transparency of the competition because the video of the interview could be viewed in real-time.
  • Members of the HCJ will vote for candidates in secret. That is, after the decision is made, it will not be possible to check which of the candidates was supported by each member of the High Council of Justice. "Discussion and formation of the list of candidates for appointment to the positions of members of the HQCJ is carried out confidentially by the HCJ and is not subject to public disclosure". In our opinion, the application of the principle of secret voting in this case is inappropriate. For example, the appointment of the members of the HCJ themselves in the Verkhovna Rada was open. The election of a new member of the HQCJ is no less socially important decision. Therefore, the HCJ should ensure full transparency.

We expect that the HCJ will revise its approach to the openness of the process of appointing members of the HQCJ. By leaving it completely closed, the HCJ destroys trust in this process and lowers the high standards of transparency established by the Selection Commission.