The Congress of Legal Scholars elected Dmytro Lukyanov as a new member of the HCJ

Читати українською.

On August 19, the Congress of Legal Scholars elected Dmytro Lukyanov as a new member of the HCJ.

"The Office of the President, to the applause of the judicial mafia, is trying to avert a political blow from itself and appoints several decent members of the HCJ. But thanks to the congresses, it will appoint all those under its control, such as Dmytro Lukyanov. The connection with Bankova is obvious because the President previously appointed him to the Commission for the election of members of the CCU",

- says Mykhailo Zhernakov, the chair of the board of DEJURE Foundation.

It is worth recalling that Dmytro Lukyanov supported the appointment of judges of low integrity. For example, supported Oleksandr Sybiha during a competition for the Constitutional Court. The latter owns a considerable amount of elite property, which cannot be explained by official income. In particular, two apartments and a house of more than 700 square meters in Kyiv, 7 plots of land, Tesla, Porsche, Toyota Camry, Breitling, Rolex and Breguet watches. In 2017, the HQCJ found him of low integrity, and the Supreme Court later upheld this decision. We assume that Dmytro Lukyanov will not see a problem with such judges as Sybiha as a member of the HCJ.

DEJURE Foundation, together with other civil society representatives, visited Poltava and observed the process. You can find the text broadcast of the event on our Telegram channel