According to SAPO, Oleksiy Salnikov, the head of the SJA, was inciting bribes to judges of the Supreme Court

Читати українською.

SAPO says that Oleksiy Salnikov, head of the State Judicial Administration of Ukraine, was inciting illegal benefits to Supreme Court judges for ruling in favour of a commercial enterprise.

As part of the pre-trial investigation, it was established that in March, Salnikov received USD 7.500 from an individual, of which he had to hand over 5 thousand dollars to the judges and keep the remaining for himself.

At present, primary investigative actions are ongoing, in particular, searches at the SJA.

Salnikov was appointed on April 20 last year, when the HCJ was not yet empowered. The order on his appointment was signed by the then-head of the Supreme Court, the notorious Vsevolod Knyazev. Given that the High Council of Justice is now operational, Salnikov's release depends on it. Also, the HCJ faces a new important task: to appoint the next head of the SJA. We hope that it will take this seriously because such a case discredits the State Judicial Administration itself.

We will follow the news from NABU and SAPO. Subsequently, the SAPO may issue a notice of suspicion in regard to Salnikov and petition the court to choose a preventive measure.